Further Reflections on Mary Magdalene

I recently posted a piece about Sisterhood and Mary Magdalene. If you haven’t read it, you can do so here.

One aspect of Mary Magdalene and our collective healing that I didn’t go into depth about is, how the church lead millions upon millions of people to believe the only way to commune with God or to be considered worthy of divinity is if we: repent, confess to a person of authority, that we rely on a source outside ourselves to lead us, to cleanse us of our “sins” and to be the go between; between us and Source/God.

This story lives on in various forms throughout major religious teachings across the globe. This is the foundation of the Christian and Catholic Church teachings along with many others. You must repent, confess, go to a building to feel connected, ask for forgiveness, find guidance through another human. And especially for women, deny your sexuality, sensuality, desires. Otherwise you are a whore and a prostitute who needs saving, just like Mary Magdalene.

The thing is… Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, she wasn’t cleansed of her sins by another, her connection to God wasn’t dependent on Yeshua, and she didn’t find or fulfill her life’s mission after meeting him. Yes, her life’s mission was intertwined with his though, her knowledge, her abilities, her connection to source was not relying on Yeshua to show her the way. She was already on her way.

Any religion that states the opposite is feeding us the very same story the Catholic and Christian church have been for thousands of years; the stories are just written with a few variations but they’re the same stories nonetheless.

If we are going to release ourselves of the old paradigms that have been plaguing all of humanity for thousands of years we need to look with an equally critical eye at the mythology that would lead any one of us to believe that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute; that women need to repent for being sexual, for being powerful, for being equal, for being as divine as any man. We would need to see that most of these myths were written by men. Not by women. And they were written with a purpose; certainly not to help us remember, we don’t need any outside source to connect us with the highest dimensions of consciousness or with God Source. We only need to go within.

I would like to make something clear before we continue. How powerfully I honour the divine feminine, I too honour the sacred masculine. In order for the feminine to be a pure, nurturing, receptive, empowered, luscious expression, so too does the masculine. For the masculine to rise in it’s dynamic pure expression; powerful, honourable, noble, with purpose, clear minded, devoted to the feminine, not to mention protector of women and children… the feminine must too honour and support the masculine. There is not one without the other. They become One when both are supporting and nurturing the other.

Which is exactly what Mary Magdalene and Yeshua were and did. They represented the divine feminine and the divine masculine, becoming one. Not because he lead her to God or because he cleansed her of her past transgressions. She was an educated, highly trained Priestess who had spent her life preparing to meet Yeshua. Not as a prostitute but as an equal.

The church doesn’t want this to be known because if it was, us women wouldn’t have so much loathing for ourselves and instead would be unstoppable. We wouldn’t hold so much damn shame for being sexual beings or for being devoted Mothers or for being career driven or for being any number of things women beat themselves up for. Instead of looking to the great eye over looking this operation (the church) we turn toward each other and pretend the other women around us are a threat, competition, untrustworthy… all the while we are our best allies because together we are unfuckable with.

I truly understand why people gravitate toward stories like the ones we’re so used to. It’s familiar. It seems true because it’s been repeated for so long. Though the truth is even more delicious and even more nuanced. The truth that Mary Magdalene was never a prostitute is terrifying to many because if that was a lie, a foundational story upon which all else was built… what else has the church lied about. If we’re courageous we will stop lying to ourselves and admit, the church was and is built on countless lies. But this lie, this lie is the foundation of how our society grew over the last two thousand years. So it’s time. It’s time we release the shackles of these old lies because at this point they’re boring at the very least and at the very core plainly and simply, outright distorted lies.

Once these shackles have been thrown aside then we start getting into the really good stuff. Then we finally start looking at our true history, our true capabilities, our true nature, our true potential.

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