The Path of the Priestess

Years ago I was initiated into the world of energy, into a world beyond our five senses, into the mystical. As a child I was like many; years spent amongst the trees, listening to them whisper. With animals, understanding them often time more than my fellow human. Joyfully living between worlds.

It was when I was only a few years old when I overheard my Mother speaking with a friends Father, they were sitting in the kitchen while the kids were playing outside. I came in to use the bathroom, as I walked past them I overheard him share that he would Astral Travel when he slept. It was in that moment codes were turned on, when my path was laid out in front of me.

Years later, I was still quite young, not quite prepared to step into this world of the Mystic or at least allow this world to envelop me. It did not cease to exist because I was unable to open myself to it, it exists regardless. I was told by an Elder at that time if I were to choose to work with energy and step onto this path, I would need to honour my body; not take alcohol, drugs, caffeine. I would need to learn how to sleep well, drink water, eat well. I would be required to step into a deep devotion that at the age of 16, I was not yet ready for. My gifts were coming online at the time and even though I felt absolute joy when experiencing their and my own possibility I was afraid, unprepared, not ready. I shuffled them away and spent the next 2 decades learning the lessons required in order to step onto my highest timeline.
And here I am, in my forth decade. I now find myself so far beyond who I was fifteen years ago, aligned with all higher aspects of my self, my Gnosis. I am walking the path of the Priestess and with every Spiral I feel even deeper into my knowing, even deeper into my wisdom, even deeper into my codes. I claim my name as Priestess, Oracle, Mystic, Guide and Mentor. I claim my position in this time and space; ever learning, ever opening, ever releasing.

What is it to be a Priestess? You could ask one hundred Priestesses this question and receive as many answers. What is it for me, Natasha, to walk as a Priestess? Today I am the Guardian of Children, initiated as Queen of the Fairies, Dragon Sister, Mystic Priestess of the Rose, walking the path of the Krystic. I am bringing forth the codes for the healing of Mothers and Fathers so their children can experience unconditional love and acceptance. I am bringing forth healing for Womben to once again re-member their power, their grace, their strength and beauty. I am a space holder for Sistars to open their hearts to be fully seen, held and supported. As a Priestess I am fully and completely devoted to my own healing, my own resonance with my highest and greatest. I am divinely devoted to honouring the commitments I have made to myself as a Priestess and Krystic being. To take the best care of my mind, body and soul. To honour my word and boundaries. To be open to the magic that exists in this world and beyond. To create a home of sacred peace, not only in our space but within me; which translates to being the greatest Mother I can be for my children. These are my codes as Priestess. This is my mission here in this realm. This is what Being a Priestess is for me.


Do you feel the call to step fully into your own strength, your own knowing? Do you hear the whispers calling you home to Sacred Sisterhood? Do you remember the power and the Divine Feminine that rose when you were in circle with your sisters? Do you feel the pull to step onto your highest and greatest time line knowing you once were there, lifetimes ago as the Oracle, the Healer, the Wise Womban. Sister, we are here awaiting you, holding a space for you in circle.

Join us in the Trinity Priestess Mystery School through this link

Inner Light Collective

Healing on our own is no longer serving us.

Being seen. Witnessed. Heard. Honoured. Held. This is the path to healing. Sacred sister support is the foundation of the Feminine that is rising. Soften into receiving the guidance and support your Soul is asking for.

You are not alone.

There are women just like you coming together for potent delicious healing. Join us.

– In Love and Devotion, Natasha

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