Radical Unschooling and Open Hearted Parenting

Radical Unschooling and Open Hearted Parenting. An exclusive program for Mothers who wish to dive deep, to heal, to parent with an Open Heart.

Have you been considering Unschooling your child? Perhaps Radical Unschooling has sparked your interest? Have you been deschooling or just started your deschooling journey and feel you have come up against some things that are a little more challenging to process?

I would love to welcome you into our weekly gathering. Mothers like you who have been looking into unschooling though have so many questions you may not know where to begin. Mothers like you who have begun the deschooling journey though having support would mean growth, unlearning and expansion would happen in a quickened way.

I am a Mother of two incredible human beings. My daughter is 10 and my son is 6, they have always been radically unschooled. My passion lays in being in a space at this moment in time where I can offer my support and wisdom to those new to Unschooling and Radical Unschooling.

I have invested in certain programs over the years, some resonated deeply while others cleared the path for me to discover even deeper learning and unlearning within through discernment. The programs that have lit me up, that surrounded me with sisters, that offered me a safe sacred space to dive deep into those things I wished to release and to learn have been invaluable. The growth I have experienced through these programs has been profound, they have sped up my growth, my healing and really allowed me to become so much of my joy, so much of the Mother I knew I could be. My hope is that I can offer you that same space. Where we come together to unravel old beliefs, to challenge ourselves, to look deeper into why we think certain things, do certain things, choose certain things and parent the way we parent. Nothing is off limits here. There is zero shame, zero judgement. If you are willing to show up, the learning will happen, the unlearning will happen and not only will you benefit, so will your children.

Our children require us to grow. To learn. To let go of those things that get in the way of our most sacred relationship with them. Our children require us to heal.

Join me and your sisters as we dive deep into what it means to Unschool, Radically Unschool and Parent with an Open Heart.

Healing on our own is no longer serving us.

Being seen. Witnessed. Heard. Honoured. Held. This is the path to healing. Sacred sister support is the foundation of the Feminine that is rising. Soften into receiving the guidance and support your Soul is asking for.

You are not alone.

There are women just like you coming together for potent delicious healing. Join us.

– In Love and Devotion, Natasha

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