A Course Designed for Parents

Parenting is not an easy path. Often we come into it planning for the birth without thinking about what happens afterward. I know I wasn’t prepared. I birthed at home and that is what I prepared for. The delivery. Bringing my baby safely into this world. After that. Holy shit I was not prepared. I don’t think any one could ever truly be prepared for what comes next, for what is required of us.

Unschooling and Radical Unschooling seem to be a natural evolution of Attachment Parenting for many. I wasn’t even aware there was such a thing called Attachment Parenting until many years into our parenting journey though it made complete sense when I did learn of the term. For some, Unschooling comes later as a response to their child’s need to stay home or to come home after years in school. For some it’s purely academic while for others it’s a whole way of life.

Wherever you are on this spectrum, you are very welcome here. I am so proud of you for taking the leap and the courage to look for support. In my 10+ years as a parent I have spent roughly 9 researching unschooling, writing about unschooling and helping as admin of various unschooling groups and pages on FB with over 50,000 members total. I am a Priestess of the Rose Lineage and Reiki master. I have spent the last 6 years really diving deep into my own healing after experiencing deep profound trauma over 10 years ago. Healing has truly brought peace and joy to our home.

I come to you as a fellow parent who wishes to offer you a space to dive into learning and unlearning aspects of yourself that will allow for unschooling to thrive in your home.

Yes, there are so many amazing books, podcasts and groups out there that I encourage you to explore. I also recognize from my own experience that having a group to meet with on the regular, to talk about and dive into what I was processing was absolutely invaluable. If this sounds like something that lights you up as it does me, awesome! Let’s do this.

We will meet biweekly on ZOOM where we will dive into all aspects of unschooling, radical unschooling and open hearted parenting for the first half of the call while the second half will be reserved for each sister to share where they are at and what support is needed in that moment. We will also have a private group where questions can be shared, wins can be celebrated and topics explored outside our calls. You will also receive a private 1/2 hour one on one session with me per month. This course will be offered in 6 month blocks; regular participation is encouraged in order to receive the most support and to really unravel all that is getting in the way of supporting your child’s unique unschooling journey.

A break down of what you will receive during our 6 months together:

• A 1 hour biweekly group call. (Plan for a bit more as being flexible with this time may be required.)

• A 1/2 hour one on one call with me once per month.

• A private group for ongoing support and connection.

• The option to enrol for the following 6 month block at a reduced rate.

I am so excited to begin this journey with you! This is an opportunity for growth and most importantly this is an opportunity for us to heal so our children have the best of us and the best of what we can bring to them. What an amazing gift that is.

We begin in May. You do not want to miss this!

Our 6 months together are going to be transformative, expansive and stretch you in all ways required in order to show up for your kids in the way you know deep down you are capable of. I am so excited to see you there!

Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you with more details and your enrolment form! I am so excited to jump into this with you!


Healing on our own is no longer serving us.

Being seen. Witnessed. Heard. Honoured. Held. This is the path to healing. Sacred sister support is the foundation of the Feminine that is rising. Soften into receiving the guidance and support your Soul is asking for.

You are not alone.

There are women just like you coming together for potent delicious healing. Join us.

– In Love and Devotion, Natasha

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