Sacred Sisterhood and why Women coming together once again in circle is going to change the world.

If you have a womb in your body or an energetic womb space you hold immense power within this sacred space of infinite creative possibility.

Why is this so important? How does this shift a woman’s or womban’s idea of her existence in this world. How does this shape a woman’s ability to recognize, often times for the first time in her life, that she holds the seed point, the zero point, the divine black hole of infinite possibilities within her own divine human body.

Why does coming together in circle matter? Why does it shift the absolute trajectory of human potential? How does it manifest into a new reality for all on this planet?

It’s simple. Yet profoundly complex. When women come together in circle, when women come together and re-member their wisdom, their strength, their divinity… the possibilities are endless.

I recently came across a post in a painters group online, where artists and lovers of art share paintings that touched them, that moved them, that asked them to rethink, to look deeper and possibly admit, they don’t know. This is the power of Art. The post I caught by divine chance was Leonardo DaVinci’s The Last Supper. The one who posted mentioned that the person to Yeshua’s right was meant to depict Mother Mary, not John the Baptist. This was their summation. A lengthy thread erupted; many saying “no, that’s John alright.” Some saying “that is not Mother Mary but Mary Magdalene”. Discourse commenced with many vehemently declining the possibility that in fact that was Mary Magdalene by Yeshua’s side. No woman belonged there. How could a woman stand next to Yeshua. Why is it important that we consider it to be true that the person to Yeshua’s right is Mary Magdalene?

I tried to post my response, even though it was well thought out and written respectfully, it was declined. “Your comment goes against community standards.” Huh? Writing about Mary Magdalene goes against community standards? Perhaps it is my writing that she was and did stand by Yeshua’s side. That she was the Apostle to the Apostles. That she was the one woman beyond all others that he loved and confided in. That she was the one to continue his teachings despite some of the disciples denying her wisdom, or her being the one he bestowed certain knowledge and wisdom and not unto the others (men).

Why is this important a woman asked? Why is it important that we see Mary Magdalene next to Yeshua in this artists portrayal of The Last Supper? This was my answer:

Clarifying that this is Mary Magdalene at Yeshua’s side is very important. Mary Magdalene was dismissed by the church as a prostitute and a whore. Her relationship to Yeshua, her wisdom… was intentionally distorted by the church. She was nothing but a prostitute in the eyes of the church (wrongfully). A sinner. As a result, for two thousand years women have been treated, consciously and unconsciously by many if not most men, as a physical object with nothing more to offer the world. These beliefs find their way into many a crevice… I know some men would deny what is written here and I would agree… there are many men standing in their Divine Masculine holding space for the Feminine to rise though this belief that women are less than pervades regardless.

Mary Magdalene has her own gospel she wrote after Yeshua was crucified. She was the first to see him when he rose again and came out from the cave.

She was regarded as the Apostle to the Apostles. Regarded as the one woman Yeshua loved more than anyone else and bestowed upon her wisdom not shared with any other.

To picture her here at his side was confirmation through art that she *was* always by his side. Despite what the church tried so hard to cover up and distort. Why is this important?

The last 2000 years women have been killed for being “sinners”, whores, prostitutes, witches, healers, oracles, wisdom keepers… because women have been seen as such: sinners as Mary Magdalene was. We weren’t celebrated for our power within the Divine Feminine. Imagine how different this world would be if the last 2000 years Mary Magdalene’s gospel was held in high regard, if *she* was held in high regard? Honoured? Rightfully so. Our collective history over the last 2000 years would be drastically different. Our world today would be drastically different.

This is why it’s important, even through art, that we acknowledge Mary Magdalene’s place at Yeshua’s side. This is why we must acknowledge that the church has distorted how all of us, women and men, have regarded, treated and dishonoured women over the last two thousand years as a result of how Mary Magdalene was dismissed and lied about. (Simple. Yet profoundly difficult for many.) And in doing so we have dishonoured and mistreated men as well. We have limited all of our infinite potential, not only women’s but men’s too.


What is the danger of women holding sacred knowledge. What is the danger of women standing together in circle. What is the danger of women remembering all we knew thousands of years ago. Because according to the church, this is dangerous. We are dangerous.

As we come together we open our hearts, we open our wombs to the field of infinite possibility, infinite potential, infinite creation. We become and realize ourselves as beyond human yet human all the same. Beyond limitation of the physical. We enter a realm of potential. Of creativity. Of power. Of service to the planet. Of service to our fellow divine men and women. We enter the realm beyond physical names, titles, group identities, labels, societal conditioning and lies. We move into the realm of creation. Of our potential. Of pure light and love, harmony and healing, support and guidance, connection and communion.

Imagine what this world would be like today if women weren’t persecuted, limited, murdered, raped, stoned to death, burned at the stake, forced to save our children over an innocent sisters life. What harm this has carried over for millennia. What pain we women hold in our wombs. In our hearts.

Healing begins when we speak our pain, when we stand together and witness our sisters. And allow ourselves to be witnessed. To witness our ancestral lines of hurt, fear, terror, heart break.

But sister know this… you will heal because you were never broken. You will mend the pain and remember all parts of yourself and know for the first time; this was never yours to carry. You are the field of infinite potential and growth, of possibilities and service to others with your unique gifts.

So now… we stand together. Once again. Unafraid of persecution, unafraid of being taken in the night. We stand together and remember what it means to be a healer, to have sacred knowledge flowing through us like rain through leaves on a tree. We stand together and heal and in so doing shift the energetic patterns of this world for other women to stand, for other women to heal, for other women to become beacons of light. For our sisters who came before, who are here now, who are yet to come. We stand.

I invite you to join us in circle. It is incredible. As are you: Calm within Chaos

I invite you also to join us in the Inner Light Collective. A sisterhood of women remembering and celebrating their and their sisters’ growth and healing.

3 responses to “Sacred Sisterhood and why Women coming together once again in circle is going to change the world.”

  1. Our Circle is changing the world, one woman at a time. Your response was perfect. They too are still afraid of our power as women.
    I am so grateful to live in this day and time when I can be free to be me.


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