My Chat with Pam Laricchia

A few months ago I had the honor of chatting with Pam Laricchia, the wonderful creator of Pam is one of the few people I look to within the Unschooling community for solid knowledge and guidance. Pam’s podcast is where I go when I am looking for encouragement and focus. Pam has also written many wonderful books about Unschooling, her latest is the incredible The Unschooling Journey: A Field Guide.

If you are curious about Unschooling and want to learn from a truly wonderful person, who has three now adult Unschooled kids along with the wealth of knowledge she is accumulating through her podcast interviews, Pam is the person you want.

Take a look or a listen to the interview. I had an absolute blast chatting with Pam about Unschooling, I could have talked with her ALL day, she is lovely.

Follow the Joy with Natasha Allan-Zaky, Episode 143 ~ Audio and transcript or video below.

Follow the Joy with Natasha Allan-Zaky, Episode 143

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