New Years Un-resolution

I’m not one for ritual or ceremony but I think I may change that. I have this deep yearning for ritual lately, as if I ought to be marking significant moments with sage burning or burning of words and memories perhaps in order to move on from this time period called 2016. I will not be making New Years resolutions though. That shit just irks me. Maybe it’s the buildup of it all, the selling point it creates. Or maybe it’s the invitation to abandon something once the novelty has worn off. Perhaps it’s the silliness of every year setting sights on things we don’t need to wait to see. It’s sort of like Valentine’s Day. Yes getting flowers is lovely and being told you’re loved and appreciated is awesome but why wait until a specific day to do those things? Why not surprise your lovely with flowers and a touch of dark chocolate à la bubble bath say on… any day? It’s the pressure one feels by the ads they’re bombarded with, what their friends are planning, what Facebook says and Hallmark wants to sell. I know, the pressure is fierce.

So I say no to New Years resolutions. I do say yes to mapping and goal setting though. I do say yes to bringing with me into 2017 all the things that helped me grow more into the person I wish to be. I do like the idea of writing down the things that did not help me in 2016 and burning those papers in order to truly let them go. I suppose this is where the making of my new rituals lay. It’s a different intention to let go of the bad and bring forth the good rather than stating “I will do X in 2017”.

Becoming someone better takes time and effort. It requires constant re-evaluation and a lot of love & care. It takes longer than a few months or even a few years. It’s much more than a resolution existing in a New Year.

So here is to rising above the pressure and illusion of New Years resolutions and instead setting forth intention to be a little more of me tomorrow, the next day and the day after that with great compassion and ease.

Wishing you a Happy New Year…

Good health, love and joy… everyday. ❤

Love yourself and the rest of your life will fall into place. ~ Lucille Ball

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